Wood-Mizer Congo Dealership by ConneX Forestry

As an official distributor of Wood-Mizer sawmill machines, ConneX Forestry provides small scale foresters with eco-friendly wood processing machines.

With branches in Kingabwa, Kinkole and with the recent opening of a new point of sale in Mbandaka in the remote province of Equateur, ConneX Forestry strives to provide local stock of blades, spares and sawmill machines along with technical support and customer service in close proximity to the sawmillers and is constantly working to expand the footprint of the Wood-Mizer brand across the country.

Each location is outfitted with a state of the art Blade Maintenance Centre to offer around-the-clock blade sharpening service and has a team of technicians and client support agents doing daily rounds of every machine in their area to insure optimal productivity for each one of our clients.

Our Products

Professional Sawmills

Cut your own wood with entry-level to high production professional sawmilling equipment.

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Industrial Sawmills

Improve profitability with innovatively designed industrial sawmilling solutions.

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Titan Sawmills

High-throughput sawmilling lines and standalone timber processing machinery.

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Spare parts

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Wood-Mizer Dealership in the DRC:

A footprint across the country and expanding

Technical staff

Our technicians are formally educated and experienced professionals.

They undergo regular training sessions according to our continuous improvement policy.

They always keep on top of the latest technical developments to offer our clients the best advice.

National Footprint

Kingabwa, the main office. The Kingabwa branch services 37 machines which supply the city of Kinshasa with around 7500 cubic meters of sawn timber every month!

Kinkole, the heart of the sawmilling activity, about one hour away from city centre. 50 machines, and over 14 000 cubic meters of sawn timber produced monthly!

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